Safelite AutoGlass Upset At SNL After They Aired This Hilariously Ruthless Sketch

Source -  Safelite is not too happy about a “Saturday Night Live” skit that aired on Saturday night portraying one of its technicians as a decidedly creepy stalker played by cast member Beck Bennett.

In another tweet, the company said it was “surprised” by the sketch — which it called “disappointing.”

A spokesperson for NBC declined to comment on Monday.

Some fans took to Twitter to post their reaction to the skit, to which Safelite responded that they were really “disappointed in @NBCSNL for airing it.”

Hilarious. “Lacey is seventeen.” “So basically a full woman!” I laughed out loud. I can see how Safelite would get upset but they can’t say it’s not funny. They should be honored SNL parodied them. It’s a rite of passage for any brand. When Schmitts Gay was featured sales went through the roof.

Same thing happened with Dunkies. #VivaLaDunkin

People are going to start bashing in their windshields thinking Beck Bennett will show up to change it. So what if their entire work force was made out to be a bunch of creepy older men with a penchant for younger women? Hashtag #worth it.  We’ll see how upset they are on the thirteenth when their numbers come in.


The fact that they think NBC is going to comment on the sketch is almost funnier than the sketch its self. SNL is currently in a war with the President Of The United States, Safelite. Get over yourself. Funny is funny.