Kevin Owens And Shane O Mac Go To War Tonight Inside Hell In A Cell

I know, I know. There’s football on, there’s baseball on, there’s Curb on. I fucking get it. Here’s what you need to understand: football will be on next Sunday. Baseball will be on next Sunday. Curb will be on next Sunday. Shane McMahon is 47 years old, and he’s competing in a Hell in a Cell match tonight. He might be fucking dead next Sunday. Remember what happened the last time he was in one of these matches?

This is your must watch television tonight. It’s also the first ever Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell, confirming any suspicions you may have had about whether or not somebody’s getting thrown/jumping off the cell. It’ll happen, and I just pray that after it happens, Kevin Owens gets the victory. I don’t care about anything other than that. Kevin Owens gets this win and he’s sent him into superstardom.

Also on the card is The New Day vs the Usos in a Hell in a Cell match, which I’m expecting to be match of the night, Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura (please god if you’re up there take the strap off Jinder), and Natalya vs Charlotte for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. I’m super pumped, and so is Carrabis. We’ll be recording our recap right after the show, so make sure you’re subscribed to From The Top Rope on iTunes and Spotify and whatever the fuck else we’re on to have that for your morning commute tomorrow. Listen to our Hell in a Cell PREVIEW while you’re at it!

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