Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson Just Made History With The Sickest Submission I've Ever Seen

For months and months and months I have been preaching the greatness of Demetrious Johnson. I’ve been telling all of you how he’s one of my favorite fighters ever, and how it’s an honor to watch him get in the octagon and do his thing. Tonight, he showed once again why he’s likely the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. That’s something I used to say about my bitter enemy Jon Jones, but the difference between him and Mighty Mouse is now a big ol’ asterisk, oh, and the fact that Demetrious Johnson just successfully defended his championship for the ELEVENTH time.

He put an exclamation point on history with probably the best submission I have ever seen, a suplex armbar. So many fighters came out of the woodwork on Twitter as it happened with their own reactions, most of which had the sentiment of “You have no fucking idea how hard that is to do. Basically impossible.” This will be rightfully used in video packages for years to come, and I’ll never get tired of seeing it.

Somehow, someway, a fighter used the Walls Of Jericho and got his opponent to tap out to it, but that’s not the submission of the year. This is, and unless DJ fights again before 2017 ends and outdoes it, it’ll stand. Who’s better? Ever? Nobody. Long live the title reign of Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, and congratulations to him on a wonderful performance. I’ll have my full recap (including my thoughts on the main event and the new Interim Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson) for you guys and girls tomorrow. See you then!