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Pizza Joints Fighting Back Against Pres Continues In Michigan

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.45.52 AM

Pres had to know this type of thing was coming. A Local joint could get a boom in business if Pres smacks it in the face with a big ole 9 score. They perceive the 7.2 as disrespect, so they fight back just a little bit. It’s cute really. Iowa is still weeping and gnashing their teeth because their pizza was too bacony. Kinda sad. Just take the score like a grown ass pizza place and saunter off with the determination to get better. Grow, folks!

Also, news flash. Bacon is the culinary crutch. People and places who cant really cook overuse bacon so idiots and dummies will think their stuff is good. The internet and memes ruined bacon. Not everything needs bacon but that’s neither here nor there.




You dont like the score? Make better pizza. You dont want your bourbon to get the devasting Actually Bad rating that could literally cripple a state’s economy with one bad fancy boy review?Make better bourbon. Simple as that.