Can Someone Please Logically Explain How This Lady Drove A Golf Ball Directly Into Her Face?

Women! Is there anything they can’t do? This is a beyond impressive, on-in-a-trillion achievement. How…how, under the current laws of physics, is this even possible? A Sir Isaac Newton I am not. So, please. Somebody help. Act like I’m Denzel Washington in Philadelphia and explain this to me like I’m a 2-year-old. Because other than any sort of rational, this…this is pure witchcraft. Trent and I were analyzing it like the Goddamn Zapruder film and there’s no other explanation. The golf ball legitimately defies everything we know in this universe and smacks her right directly in the kisser. No ricochet. Zero intended tomfoolery. All sorcery. There’s no other way to make sense of what happened.

Unrelated but related: My favorite golf pain video of all-time. The anguish is real. And hilarious.