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The Smell Of Crisp Autumn Leaves Is In The Air, And That Means One Thing And One Thing Only #OurYear

Ah yes, Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing colors. The air is brisk and chilled. Big Cat (the sidekick on Pardon My Take) is putting on personality pounds. Halloween is right around the corner, and the puffy vests are flying off the shelves.

But the changing of the season means one extra thing this year, and it’s kinda big- it’s official the Caps Year.

That’s right, my amigos. The time has never been more ripe. Every other year, all 40+ of them, have been leading up to this season. Sure, the Caps lost a few pieces from last year. MoJo to the Devils, Alzner to the Canadiens, and Justin Williams to the Hurricanes. But the rest of the guys gained a year of experience, Holtby got a nice offseason of rest after another Vezina-quality year, and Ovi only had 33 goals last season, which means he’s due for another 50 goal campaign this year. Everything is lining up perfectly. This team will not only be younger and faster than previous seasons, but also grittier. As my pal P “PFT Commenter” FT Commenter says, you can’t teach grit, and this team has it in droves.

So buckle up, my good pals, as we now get to sit back and watch #OurYear finally unfold right in front of our eyes. Every other year was a nice warm up, but this is the year it all comes together. So don’t be the only jabroni on the block without a shirt, buy one now and be ready to lift the Cup. I’m so ready.