Click Bait: What This Gun-Shaped Exhibit Turns Into Will Leave You With Your Mouth Agape

Ha! Gotcha. You clicked. I don’t understand how people do art like this. Fuckin art, man. It’s so difficult to understand. I struggle putting together puzzles and whatnot even when the picture is on the front of the box directly in front of me. If you put an armory full of weapons on the ground and told me to make a 3d puzzle, I’d be there for years.

On a different note, what is the point of art like this?

Does someone see the gun shaped exhibit turn into America and then go, “yano, I wasnt really on board with gun control but this rendering really changed my mind. I believe that I will now call my congressional representative and demand action on gun control.”

So, they take out their phone and call. No reception.

“Fuck. I never get reception in the museum,” Steven says to himself.

“Sir. Can you keep it to a dull whisper? Respect the museum.”

“I was being quiet. I said it under my breath.”

“Sir. The museum.”

Steven walks around the museum looking for a place that gets reception. There isnt one. Got damn marble flooring and ceilings. The satellites just aren’t strong enough for that type of interference. He decides to rejoin his date, Julie, and enjoy the rest of the museum with her. He thinks to himself, “I’ll call the representative tomorrow.” He won’t though. The moment is gone but the beauty of the exhibit will linger.

PS: I’m not sure if you are supposed to actually say “click bait” in the title of your click-bait articles, but if it didnt work on you… big props. Congratulations.