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When Exiting The Penalty Box, It Is Of The Utmost Importance To Not Clothesline Yourself

You get to a certain point in your hockey career and you just stop practicing some of the basics. I’m sure our guy over here has had a pretty successful hockey career so far. You don’t just make your way to the KHL by accident. He’s probably spent countless hours on his skating. Has probably spent countless hours on shooting and puck handling. But how much time do you think he’s spent on learning how to properly exit the penalty box? Obviously not enough.

Which is why I think every hockey player needs to go to Goon School at some point in their career. Learn from some of the best. From the guys who have spent more time in the penalty box than on the ice. You think Bob Probert ever clotheslined himself coming out of the penalty box? Hell no. The man was born in the penalty box. Was raised in the penalty box. He can get out of there cleanly with his eyes closed. Just saying that if you don’t want to end up looking like a jabroni like this guy right here, maybe you should enroll at Goon U today.

P.S. – How happy is this kid right now that he’s no longer the only one?