Mayor Of San Juan Wears A "Nasty Woman" T Shirt In Interview As A Major Burn At Trump

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NY Daily News- The mayor of San Juan proudly sported a T-shirt emblazoned with the word “NASTY” on it for a TV appearance during which she took shots at President Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria.

Carmen Yulin Cruz, who appeared on Univision on Wednesday, said she wore the shirt to take on Trump, who attacked her on Twitter after she made an impassioned plea to get help for Puerto Rico, which was ravaged by the Category 4 storm on Sept. 20.

“The Mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump,” the president tweeted on Saturday.

“What is really nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people,” she added.

Just last week, Cruz wore a T-shirt that read, “HELP US WE ARE DYING” during an appearance on CNN.

We may recall that during the election, Trump referred to Hillary as a “nasty woman” during a debate. The term became a rallying cry for woman, who started wearing pins and shirts proclaiming that they, too, were “nasty.” As you can see, the trend has now spread to the Mayor of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Historically, oppressed groups have reappropriated terms that were used to insult them, turning the terms around and using them themselves with pride. This is true of the N word, “dyke,” and even “impressionist” (in 1874, Louis Leroy, an art critic, coined the term to disparage Monet’s unrealistic, ‘impression-based’ style).

But you know which group has never tried to reappropriate their own epithet? Gingers. You don’t hear a redhead referring to another redhead as a ginger. Or ginga, which would be way cooler. Like yo ginga, you tryna get the pipe? Ginga please! You know I don’t pipe when it’s sunny outside.

Perhaps if we start tossing the word around casually, other people will get tired of calling us the G word. Then we’ll make t-shirts and merch that only we can wear. Remember FUBU? For us, by us. Try FGBG–for gingers, by gingers. Just a line of sun shirts, straw hats, and soul supplements to fill the void. We’ll have our own civil rights movement. We’ll hold rallies, speeches, and bake sales with ginger-themed treats. I have a dream… that one day my children will be judged not by the pasty, stomach-churning, freckle-specked translucence of their skin, but by the content of their social media!

In the meantime, it’s hard to believe that Trump’s insulting tweets are being reappropriated by the Mayor of San Juan. But whatever. I’m busy trying to take back ginger.