Marcus Peters Gives Three Hall Of Fame Answers To Reporters At His Locker

There truly is nothing like Bay Area slang. Peters dropped more hellas in this minute clip than I’ve said wicked in the last hour or so. But the slang itself isn’t even the best part here. Self-awareness is one of the best attributes a person can have. Like I know I talk like a bunch of marbles got jammed into a gas powered lawnmower that also has a head cold. I know I’m Dave’s plug. You just have to know who you are and own it. Peters had an admitted hella weak game for 59 minutes until he forced a fumble which upgraded his game to just plain weak. Tough not to respect that type of candidness and transparency.

As for the final question, he just happened to get caught on tv saying “Fuck you, bitch,” to a fan. Happens to the best of us. Only way to respond to that question is to go get loaded, completely forget about it, and don’t get caught next time. Simple.