Shocking News: This Anorexia Sweatshirt On Amazon Is Not Being Well Received By Twitter

I’m not a monster, I can acknowledge that this isn’t the best shirt. You want to say it’s offensive? That’s fine, I won’t challenge you to a duel over it. You are more than welcome to be offended by this shirt without fear of inspiring 17th century justice, that’s the kind of guy I am.

However, Amazon absolutely cannot take this shirt down. If we do, where’s the line? What’s next, we’re gonna ban fat guys wearing t-shirts that say “I beat Anorexia”? I hope not, those are hysterical. Do you get it? They’re fat so they overcame the debilitating eating disorder. Because they would’ve had to eat food to get that size. It’s funny.

Plus, these shirts are the best anti-advertisements in the business. Nothing says “Oh, I’m not going to like this person” like a shirt with what they think is a humorous phrase emblazoned across their chest. What if we ban these shirts and force those who enjoy it to buy something normal, like a button down shirt? Well then if I meet them at a party I’ve gotta waste my time having a brief conversation with them before I realize they we’re never going to share a single interest. Inefficient!

As long as we allow these offensive, “joke” shirts then we can save ourselves the time of having actual discussions with the people who enjoy them. Banning them would be shortsighted and would lead to even more annoying interactions. Not smart.