Jiri Hudler Allegedly Threatened To Have Flight Attendant Killed After He Said He Can't Get Him Cocaine, Says It Was Just A Prank

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Just a heads up here. All the articles on this are from Czech websites and in case you weren’t aware, the Czech to English translation isn’t exactly smooth. But here we go anyway. – The wild flight of ice hockey player Ji?í Hudler (33) is getting another shocking contour. According to the information, the police told one of the crew members a statement. Former representative allegedly threatened to kill him on board!

…Toward the up-and-coming Hudler, one of his colleagues called the steward to the class business. “She said she was afraid of this passenger, so I took the cabin driver,” he writes in a statement. All efforts to calm the situation were in vain. From the crew, the hockey player had to ask for coke in English. “We thought he wanted to drink, so we poured him a glass of wheat, but he said he wanted the coke as a white powder, and he emphasized the English word” cocaine “,” he told the police a crew member who immediately dismissed his request, that it is not possible to consume drugs on board…

“Mr. Hudler turned to me and said that when we arrived in Prague he would have to call his friends,” the steward told him. “I did not understand him, so I asked him what he meant, and he was going to let me kill,” he added. This is what the hockey player once said again…

…Hudler himself, however, has tried to break down the case. “Nothing happened, it was a sketch. It does not sound normal when we talk about it now. But there was no overthrow,” Hudler told Blesk.

Okay so clearly things aren’t going great for Jiri Hudler, who is still a free agent and hasn’t had his name thrown around in any rumors over the summer so will most likely stay that way for a while. Always tough to see guys effectively get forced out of the league instead of retiring on their own. So now instead of getting ready for the season to start tonight, he’s running into some legal trouble after asking for coke on a flight, dabbling in a little coke usage on the flight, allegedly threatening to have one of the flight attendants murdered and then trying to piss on one of the kitchen carts. Again, this is all allegedly. And as Jiri Hudler said, it was just a sketch. A basic prank gone awry. And you know what? I 100% believe the guy and here’s why.

Who remembers when Jiri Hudler won the Lady Byng in 2015? An all-time NHL Awards moment. Walked up to accept the award without shoes on. Cracked a few fake text messages jokes. Slurred his way through most of it since it’s Vegas and you’re not gonna not be drunk for the NHL Awards in Vegas. The guy clearly has a sense of humor. Clearly loves to joke around and have a good time. Did he maybe take this specific prank a little overboard by threatening to have the flight attendant killed? Maybe. But there are millions of YouTube prank videos that go way further than that. It’s just a prank, bro. Respect the prank game and let the man live.

And also–he won the Lady Byng. The award that goes to the player who “exhibits the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability”. You think a guy who won the Lady Byng just 2 years ago would now be threatening to have somebody murdered? Think again, compadre. Johnny Gaudreau, Marty St. Louis, Pavel Datsyuk about 80 times, Paul Kariya, Jiri Hudler. All guys who have won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy and all guys who wouldn’t hurt a fly outside of an ice rink. All guys who probably wouldn’t even hurt the fly on the ice either.

Does Jiri Hudler probably like to tie one on and get blackout drunk before a long ass flight from New York to Prague? Sure. Who wouldn’t. Does Jiri Hudler possibly partake in a little cocaine usage? Who knows and who am I to judge? Would Jiri Hudler ever threaten to have a random flight attendant killed and then actually follow through with it? Not in a million years. I’m with Jiri on this one. It was a sketch. There was no overthrow.