Anthony Rizzo Deserves Your Vote


I am here to unite the country on one simple fact: Anthony Rizzo deserves the 2017 Roberto Clemente Award. Disagree on everything else, but don’t you dare tell me Anthony Rizzo isn’t this guy:

The Roberto Clemente Award is presented each year to the player who best represents the game of Baseball through sportsmanship, community involvement and positive contributions, both on and off the field.

Let’s not get emotional. But at the same time let’s not forget that we’re talking about a cancer survivor turned superstar professional athlete turned philanthropist. We’re talking about a guy who legitimately wants to do nothing more than help other kids and families fighting cancer. Like excuse me if it’s getting a little dusty in here but everyone knows the impact and effort Rizzo has put into his foundation. What everyone probably doesn’t know is that this is his life’s passion. Not baseball. Helping kids with cancer.

Wipe your tears and vote. He just gave THREE AND A HALF MILLION straight cash to Lurie’s for a new pediatric oncology waiting room. That’s like 30% of his career earnings solely dedicated to helping kids with cancer. I have given 30% of my career earnings to strippers and cab drivers give or take. Point is Anthony Rizzo deserves your vote so VOTE HERE 

Also, Rizzo shaves his head every year for his foundation and if we’re talking about sacrifice can we talk about the lettuce he leaves on the barbershop floor?


That’s big time lettuce.

PS – Remember that time when the Cubs sucked horribly and then he showed up and won a world series? Me too. VOTE HERE

PPS – Can someone find me a C?