Marcus Morris You Are NOT Guilty!

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards - Game Two

Everything coming up Ainge baby!!

In all honesty, if you were unaware of this story it breaks down like this. Marcus and his brother were accused of beating the shit out of this guy along with a couple friends outside of a Phoenix rec center all the way back in January of 2015. Here is some additional background on the trial

From a Celtics perspective, this could have been very bad. Trading Avery away for a player that potentially could have gone to jail is what I would deem not ideal, but thankfully we don’t have to worry about that. Instead, we get to add yet another supposed Lebron stopper to this roster. By my count, this now makes three. Now that this is all cleared up Morris is set to join the team on Friday, but he’s going to be a bit behind seeing as how he’s missed the first week plus of camp.

I know people want to throw him immediately into the starting lineup, but after the second unit scoring drought we saw yesterday, and with how well Baynes played, it’ll be interesting to see how Brad uses him.