FIFA Continues To Be The #1 Cause Of Destruction Of Property In Households

One second you’re enjoying yourself with a nice relaxing game of video soccer with friends on your brand new flat screen TV, the next the 10-year-old punk you’re playing online says he’s going to rape your mother with a tire iron dipped in AIDS and proceeds to get saucy on the sticks:

What happens next? I don’t know. Nobody knows. Because all you see is red and the end result is a 400mph fastball through the TV with your controller. It happens to the best of us. Or the worst. Chad Johnson knows. Women are temporary, FIFA is forever.

But still, video game rage knows no bounds. Especially when the glitches and shitstorms are abundant. Here are a few cute one’s from the past week:


As always, shoot us your glitches. There’s no shortage of pain.