Trump Throwing Paper Towels To Puerto Ricans Like He's Shooting Hoops Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Donnie Buckets!

Incredible moment from the Commander-In-Chief here. Many people remain puzzled as to how Trump won the election, but those folks simply do not understand that Trump won because he’s 1) hilarious, and 2) a cool dude. It’s that simple. When you pit Donald J Trump’s cool, funny ass up against all these dork politicians throwing cornhole overhand and calling the bball hoop a “basketball ring” he’s going to dominate. He stepped on debate stages, stuffed the nerds in lockers, and walked away with the presidency. High school social dichotomy also plays in American presidential politics. People forget that. The Mooch famously reinforced this by reminding everyone that he’s seen the President throw spirals, drain foul shots, and sink 3-foot putts.

Reagan? Cool as hell. Bush 41? Even current day he’s the coolest 93-year-old on earth. Slick Willy? I mean his name is Slick Willy. Dubya? Guy didn’t even drink yet was viewed as the “guy you’d love to have a beer with” candidate. Barry? Guy jogged up and down the Air Force One stairs, need I say more?

Trump, cool and funny as fuck therefore electable. I know that might sound ridiculous but I’m dead serious. I think he just locked up Puerto Rico by tossing a few paper towels to people like they were basketballs.