We've Got Ourselves A Barstool Sports/Rooster Teeth Crossover As Tyler Coe Joins Barstool Gametime

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The BVGFL continued with the Game Of The Week: Big Cat (1-2) vs. Devlin (3-0). Clem had a great write up on the games for Week 4. The other games can be seen below, but for those new to the scene, please read this semi-literate explanation to how this is much more than just watching people play video games.

As for Tyler Coe, he hosted/announced the 2017 Madden Tournament Finals. Nbd. So he knows talent when he sees it and how to shoot the shit. He’s also big nuts over at Rooster Teeth, which is bigger nuts. Expect to see more crossover stuff between the two big properties under Uncle Peter’s Dick Swinging Cracker Factory. Tyler knows the deal, as evidence in this GIF he probably wants disinigrated off the Internet:

Also, please keep in mind to help out with Extra Life – Rooster Teeth’s 24 hr live stream for charity. Not just charity, for the kids. Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Barstool will be heavily involved in this one way or another. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO GET INVOLVED SO CLICK HERE.

On to the league:

Francis (STEELERS) vs. Glenny (BAL) – The One Where Francis Takes His Controller And Goes Home:

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Smitty (IND) Vs. Frankie (SEA): The Battle Of Pasta Kings

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Clem (JAX) vs. OMB (NYJ)

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Coley (CHIEFS) vs. Bob Fox (SKINS)

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And a special edition Mickstape spankage:

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Clem (Jax): 4-0
Smitty (Colts): 2-2
Coley (Chiefs): 2-2
Big Cat (Atl): 1-3
PFT: (Browns): 0-3
Hank (Bears): 1-2
Riggs (Car): 1-2
Trent (Ari): 1-2
Nate (Who has already said he’s in then immediately out no less than 400 times): Dead To Life
Robbie Fox (Skins): 1-3
Pres (If/when he pleases): N/A
Rone (Eagles): 1-2
Caleb (Bucs): N/A
Hubbs (Cowboys): 4-0
Glenny (Ravens): 2-2
Devlin (Bills): 4-0
Bretto (Jets): 1-3
Frankie Borelli (Sea): 3-1
Francis (Pitt) 2-2
YP (Packers): 2-2
Gay Pat (Broncos): 0-4
Tex (Raiders): 3-1