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Iowa Road Signs Are Using Taylor Swift Lyrics To Stop People From Texting And Driving

That’s right. Nailed it. We’re Iowa. We’re hip. We’re with it. We use Taylor Swift’s lyrics to try and stop people from texting ad driving. Coolest goddamn state in the land. I will say though, I’ve always been skeptical of these signs that hang above the road with witty Dad humor. How is that any better than looking at your phone while you drive? You take your eyes off the road for just as long trying to read the signs as you do checking a text message. Especially when they start trying to find clever ways to get their point across. I have almost broken my neck trying to read the entire sign. Some of them you have to wait for them to flash to a different screen to finish the sign. Reading the sign usually takes a full 15 seconds. You’re telling me that’s safer than checking Twitter? I’m skeptical. Where is the data that shows how many crashes these signs have caused? Bet you won’t put that in Stool Scenes. I will continue to look at my phone when I drive. That is my solemn promise to you.

I didn’t know Taylor Swift’s music had made it out to Iowa yet