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Nate "The Kingmaker" Does It Again...The Chernin Group Acquires Fantasy Labs Your One Stop Shop For Daily Fantasy

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FantasyLabs Acquired By The Chernin Group - Jonathan Bales

They don’t call him the Kingmaker for nothing folks.   Fantasy Labs aka your one stop shop for all your daily fantasy needs has been officially acquired by The Chernin Group – they’ll be combining with sportsbetting analytics companies Sports Insights and SportsAction to form one new superpower: The Action Network, with Chad Millman as the Head of Content.  A premium sports content and analytics platform geared towards anyone who likes sports.  And this is BarstoolSPORTS so that makes all of us.

This is a huge deal for fans of daily fantasy, sports betting, anything speculation based in the sports world.  Don’t believe me, take Mark Cuban’s word for it (ever heard of him?)

Mark Cuban:

 “My investment in FantasyLabs was a bet on the future of how people consume sports—with something at stake—and the FantasyLabs team’s ability to create tools and content that cater to that highly engaged audience. The company’s acquisition by The Chernin Group and the creation of The Action Network reaffirm the belief that this market is underserved. I’m thrilled to be involved with a company poised to become a leader in the rapidly growing industry of sports speculation analytics and media.”

Bales has been a friend of the program for a long time, doing a weekly daily fantasy podcast with Smitty for the past three years and staking Nasty Nate Blogg in the World Series of Poker.  Personally his advice/analysis is by far the best I’ve used for daily fantasy.  So we’re excited to see where Fantasy Labs and the Action Network goes from here.

FantasyLabs is our baby. Will it always be the same great service you have now? We sure hope not; we should always be improving. We plan to bring you everything you love about FantasyLabs, supply more value in every possible way—everything from more podcasts to a superior multi-lineup tool—and provide access to all sorts of additional tools, data, and content in the future, no matter how you consume sports.

In short, you won’t lose a thing, but you’ll have access to a lot more cool stuff as we build a leader in sports media. -Bales