Shannon Sharpe Whipping Out A Cigar Saying "I Be On These Milds And Hen Dawg" Is World Class Television

Look I don’t want to give too much attention or praise to a competitor (??) but as a man of integrity this needs to be said.  Shannon Sharpe whipping out a Black and Mild, lighting it up and saying “I be on these Milds and Hen dawg” live on television is some electric material.

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I didn’t watch the rest of the clip and you couldn’t pay me to watch any of the show but I’m assuming this conversation transitioned into like, who would win one-on-one in a cage match with the nets set on fire and backboards made out of flashing LED rave lights with a moat built around the hoop full of crocodiles and the air populated with large birds of prey – Lebron, or MJ in his prime?


“In communications school I thought I’d be an Outside the Lines correspondent reporting on front office corruption”

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