Wake Up With Tom Petty Performing At The Super Bowl XLII Halftime Show

I honestly don’t think I heard one note from this halftime show when it was live. I remember seeing it on TV, but was too busy excitedly talking to Giants fans at the bar and on the phone about how big Justin Tuck’s forced fumble was at the end of the half and how the Giants really had a shot to win this thing. I’ve watched that Super Bowl, the America’s Game, and interviews about everything that happened in Glendale that night a billion times. But I don’t think I ever actually watched the halftime show in full until now. And that’s on me because Tom Petty has been one of my favorite musicians forever and I will kick myself for the rest of my life for always saying that I would see him in person the next time he was in town and never actually did. I would always hear about how his shows sounded as good as the album but were a unique, fun experience every time. Now that will never happen. So this is just a reminder to do stuff you want to do instead of saying you will do it in the future. Whether it’s seeing a show, going on a nice vacation, telling your crush you like them, or taking the first or final step for that dream job you want. Wow, this blog turned into an adult blog real quick. Sorry about that. Anyway, Tom Petty played the halftime show of the best night I’ll probably ever have as a sports fan and I’m gonna miss him. RIP.

One last Petty story. I first got into Tom Petty when my dad got the Greatest Hits album. Like all greatest hits albums, there was no shortage of bangers. But on that album, every song was like an 8/10 minimum. Just ridiculous. Whenever I would go on long trips, I knew I could burn a good hour or so by playing that album from beginning to end, knowing I wouldn’t have to skip a song. So if you want to burn another hour of your day away, hit play below and let the Petty flow through your speakers or headphones.