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Fletcher Cox's 12-Year-Old Little Cousin Is A Flat Out MAN

Not even a manchild. Just a MAN. At minimum. That may be a borderline beast dominating the 28 Sweep. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING was getting in the way of Little Cox and paydirt. There’s something in the water down in Yazoo City, MS. And by water I mean genetics. This kid(?), and Fletcher, for that matter, are not of this Earth.

Put him up against this behemoth of a Tween and sell tickets. And you thought Punt, Pass, & Kick Andy Reid was a monster straight out of a Game Of Thrones episode. Yikes.

PS – Kind of surprised I got to see this on IG because for whatever reason I am still shunned by the Cox establishment on Twitter:


Never said a single peep other than overwhelming praise his way and all I get in return is a Cox to the face. For real. The last thing I said on Twitter to him was when he went down with an apparent injury and I said, “No, God. Take me instead.” And I’m still 100% serious. Oh well. Whatever gets the big dog eating (and injury free) and I’m fine with him ignoring my existence.