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I Dare You To Find A More Disrespectful Move Than This Troy Receiver Taunting LSU Fans As They Lost…In the video, apparently shot by a fan and posted by Barstool Sports, Bryant can be seen standing on the bench pointing his middle fingers and shouting at spectators before grabbing his crotch. Though the video contains audio, what Bryant is saying cannot be heard clearly.

I know I called Baker Mayfield the most disrespectful player in college football a couple weeks ago.  That was in an endearing way though.  Slightly tongue in cheek.  Planting a flag on a team’s logo, trash talking an opponent before the game.  Controversial, hilarious.  However when it comes to the disrespect game Baker doesn’t hold a CANDLE to Troy’s Alvin Bryant.  Singling out LSU fans one by one saying “Fuck You” while he grabs his entire dick and balls.  Incredibly savage.

He got disciplined for it obviously.

Troy wide receiver Alvin Bryant will face unspecified disciplinary action after a video surfaced showing him flashing obscene gestures at LSU fans late in the Trojans’ 27-24 victory over the Tigers in Baton Rouge on Saturday night.


“I was made aware of the video of Alvin Bryant, and I am extremely disappointed in his actions. This type of behavior will not be tolerated in our program, and he will face immediate disciplinary actions. It is unfortunate that I have to address the behavior of one individual after a significant victory for our football program. However, it is important that our young men understand the consequences of their decisions and actions.”

So funny though.  Hey if you beat down the team that paid you $985,000 to play them as a cupcake game on Homecoming night, you deserve to tell those fans to fuck themselves.

Maybe not you specifically though…

Bryant, a redshirt freshman from Orlando, Fla., has not recorded any statistics this season.


Shoutout to Coley for narc’ing.