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Little Boy Honks Every Time He Opens His Mouth After Swallowing A Party Horn

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat things. The attack by that cowardice fuck in Las Vegas has obviously shaken all of us to our core. I woke up, saw the news, and honestly couldn’t process it. I was playing with my daughter, who obviously has no idea what happened, and all I could think about was how we brought her into such a shitty world as well as the families that were shattered because of some lunatic with an arsenal of weapons. Riggs and Chaps have both done a good job covering the terrible events and I don’t know how to really comment on that stuff other than saying it makes me sick to my stomach.

But hopefully watching this kid honk every time he opens his mouth will make you feel better for a little bit. A big reason Barstool is successful is because it helps people forget some of the struggles and realities of life. Yes, debating about McDonald’s Coke vs. Glass Bottle Coke or whether Big Cat peeing in the kitchen sink at HQ is okay is absolutely ridiculous. But sometimes you need mindless stuff like that to distract you from the very real, very shitty stuff going on in your personal life or the world. That’s just as much our job as anything else. This video was a welcome distraction for me, hopefully it is for you as well. And hopefully that kid got the horn out of his body, because he looked distraught as fuck after every single honk. Turning into a goose for the rest of your life simply because you got a hankering for a party horn is a fate no child should have to endure.