These Are The Weirdest Days To Be A Barstool Blogger

These are the weirdest days to be a Barstool blogger.  Talking about smut, satire, sports and viral videos, meanwhile there’s a devastating tragedy going on in an American city.  It’s something we’ve dealt with for 8 years now (way too many times unfortunately) and still don’t have a solid grasp on how to handle it.  On the one hand, we are a distraction.  People come to us as an escape.  A bunch of idiots in an NYC fantasy-factory office making jokes and doing dumb shit to make people laugh.  When awful things are happening in the world you can tune out and watch Big Cat piss his pants on a scooter, KFC rant about donuts, Feits telling stories about his wild sexual history, Dave eating pizza.

On the other hand, there are clips flooding your timeline of people running for their lives as shots ring out around them and 50+ people are gunned down in cold blood.  Terrifying footage of people in sheer terror and I’m over here compiling college football GIFs.   Posts are saved in the drafts about horse meat, movie reviews, dumb criminals, the NBA.   And this is all that is on my Twitter feed:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 8.46.59 AM

It’s hard to try and be funny with this horrifying stuff going on around us.  And it’s hard to tell if people want to see it in the first place.  We shut down for the day during Sandy Hook to mixed reaction.  Honestly we couldn’t have blogged that day anyway, but people want to get away from the world and take their mind off things, and we’re honored that Barstool is the place they do it.   Just know it’s on all of our minds.

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