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Look Good Blog Good - It's #ChukkaSzn With Thursday Boots


My favorite time of year.  #ChukkaSzn.  The instant the temperature drops below 60 degrees: Pull out the Chukka boots.

There’s a reason my blogs get significantly better in the fall.  Look good, blog good.


Huge shout out to Thursday Boots for keeping me fresh to death in the office while the rest of these bums run around in their gym clothes.

I got $350 Chukkas a couple years ago through one of those to-remain-nameless personalized shopper type deals.  They made my feet bleed so bad I had to double-sock it.  Ended up just giving up and they haven’t moved from the back of my closet.  Dipped down and slummed it with some cheapo ones and the soles started peeling off after 2 months.

Finally found the perfect middle ground.   The suede Scouts from Thursday.


Super comfortable and the best part is the soles are heavy duty.  Not like those cheap ass boots chukkas where you can feel every tiny rock and pebble you step on.

As the unanimous choice of “Barstool Blogger You’d Most Want To F*ck” at the 2017 NYC (gay pride) Parade, my fashion advice is not something to be taken lightly.