Happy 25th Birthday To The Greatest Movie Trilogy Of All Time


October 2, 1992. It was on that day that 13 rambunctious peewee hockey players were no more, and 13 legends were born. With the guidance of their fearless leader Gordon Bombay, the District 5 Ducks went from a ragtag group of misfits to state champions. From there, they went from state champions to world champions. And from there, they went from world champions to beating the varsity team. I know that doesn’t exactly add up. Like how do you go from winning a major international tournament to needing a miracle just to beat a high school hockey team. But that’s neither here nor there. What we’re here today to celebrate is this team who could barely even stand up on skates at the beginning of the movie eventually banding together to take down the perennial powerhouse Hawks in the championship game 25 years ago today.

Goldberg. Charlie. Averman. Guy Germaine. Connie Moreau. Fulton. Banks. Jesse and Terry Hall. Karp. Tommy and Tammy. That little rapscallion Peter. Bombay. Hans. The whole gang. Hell, we even have to give Mr. Ducksworth a shoutout here. Because without his extremely shortsighted idea to hand over a hockey team full of 11-12 year olds to a struggling alcoholic, none of this would have ever been possible. I know that I blog about The Mighty Ducks a lot. Probably more than anybody else on the internet. But in my very correct opinion, it’s all justified. Because this group of characters taught us all so much about life. They may not have been the greatest individual hockey players (aside from Banks), but once they learned how to fly together, they were unstoppable. Actually, the movie really just taught us that if you luck out and get the best player in the league due to some bizarre legality reason, you win. The District 5 Ducks were essentially the original Super Team. But it’s also about how hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard and all that other jazz.

So happy anniversary to the GOAT goats. And can somebody, for the love of god, get Goldberg some help.

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