You Can Stop Looking For The Missing Plane Now, Because According To Iran We Kidnapped It

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(Source) Call off the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, an Iranian lawmaker has solved the mystery. The United States “kidnapped” the airliner as part of a conspiracy to “sabotage the relationship between Iran and China and Southeast Asia,” parliamentarian Hossein Naghavi Hosseini said, according to a translation by The New York Times. The fact that two Iranians were traveling on the plane using stolen passports was part of “the plot,” Hosseini reportedly said.“Documents published by the Western media about two Iranians getting on the plane without passports is psychological warfare,” he said Tuesday, according to The Times.

“Americans recruit some people for such kinds of operations so they can throw the blame on other countries, especially Muslim countries.” The same day Hosseini made the farfetched statement that Interpol and Malaysian officials revealed the identities of the two Iranians traveling with false documents and all but ruled out they were terrorists.



Gotta give it to Barry O on this one. Hiding directly in plane sight. Do a little Galifanakis interview, have the entire internet freak out over how funny you are, meanwhile in dark rooms we’re stealing triple 7 planes and blaming it on the Iranians. This is some next level shit right here. Who ever thinks about stealing an entire plane? We do, that’s who. Can’t be the best in the world without thinking outside the box from time to time. It’s like Bill Walsh’s West Coast Offense revolutionizing the NFL. Kidnapping planes for diplomatic supremacy is the new hotness, check and mate.




After the Witches yesterday and this guy today I feel like anyone can come out with a conspiracy. At this point the media is basically like let’s get as many unqualified, ill informed people as we can possibly find and ask them where they think this plane is. That will really be a great idea.