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This Conan O'Brien TB12 Method Skit Nails It

I imagine that most people around the country aren’t happy about the regional caricature they get stereotyped with. You know, the way southerners get portrayed as slow talking swamp donkeys or people from the northwest are coffee-guzzling hipsters and midwesterners are all Bible- and gun-clutching simplefolk. But speaking on behalf of all Massholes, we have no problem with this being how we’re thought of around the country. None whatsoever.

Because this is us. Almost a spot on impersonation of most guys I know. I am not exaggerating. I’ve played a few charity golf tournaments the last couple of months, and I can say without fear of contradiction that practically every guy who showed up talks and acts just like Dom O’Donnell and Donny O’Donnell. And believes down to the core of their being that if Tom Brady says water prevents sunburns, then water prevents sunburns. Or that if Brady’s book said to open up a vein, we’d all be standing there dripping blood from our wrists reading on to see what he wants us to do next. Five Super Bowls will do that to you.

I can only assume the guys playing Dom and Donny are actually from Boston because few if any outsiders can ever pull off that accent. Christian Bale in The Fighter was perfect. Also Johnny Depp in Blow. And that’s about it. Everyone in Spotlight was atrocious, and The Departed was even worse. But Dom and Donny should be studied by actors chasing Oscars playing Massholes because they’re so spot on. From their defense of Brady right down to the pain of their Patriots passion. You put water on a fire, it puts it out. Even skin fire. Well played, Conan. Well played, indeed.