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Dave Grohl's Impersonation Of Christopher Walken Is Spot On

I’ll admit it, I always get excited to hear a good Christopher Walken impression. He’s one of those guys that is just fun to her impersonated, up there with Bill Walton and The Rock. Even if the impressions stink they are funny. But this impersonation did not stink. In fact it was actually good and a reminder of just how stupidly talented Dave Grohl is. Dude went from being the drummer of Nirvana to guitarist and singer of the Foo Fighters as he continued to to climb the ladder of success escalator style. And he also is apparently great at sounding like people as well. I have heard a shitload of Christopher Walken impersonations throughout the years, but this one was definitely my favorite. Yeah this is kind of a weird blog, but I remember when I was in the cubes, silly shit like this got me through the grind as the second half of the workday was beginning. Life doesn’t get much better than some mindless Christopher Walken impressions to go along with a funny story. I also really wish Dave Grohl was my friend. Not because he’s filthy rich but just because he seems awesome at life.


And to end this blog, we have a Choose Your Own Adventure. Either go down a Christopher Walken YouTube Rabbit Hole or a Foo Fighter YouTube Rabbit Hole.

Just kidding, I wouldn’t make you choose. Sit back and enjoy some of the best that Christopher Walken and Foo Fighters have to offer.