Little Girl Does An Insane Blindfolded Boxing Routine, Would Surely Kill Me

There are certain people so talented at their craft that it’s funny. Makes me crack up in some weird, nervous way. Like…Tom Morello guitar solos?

Can’t get past the thirty second mark without becoming the crying face emoji. Nobody should be that good at anything.

That’s how good this little girl is at hitting blindfolded combinations. You go from impressed, to entertained, to being in the fetal position on the floor because you can’t stop laughing. Then, you get up, dust yourself off, and run to the bathroom to shit when you realize how brutal the beating this little girl would put on you is. My face would look like a Sour Patch Kid at the end of the fight, and that says a lot because I’m sick. Look at these moves…

I think this girl has a legitimate shot against Floyd Mayweather Jr and that’s just me being honest. She’s got speed, power, and age on him, and ohhhhh boy if she lands that left. Plus she’ll be coming at him with such unorthodox blindfolded moves it’ll confuse him for the first 4-6 rounds at least. We’ll see. I’ll get Welker on 50-1 shirts ASAP.