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Don't Get A Tattoo On Your Eyeball Cause You Might Go Blind And Cry Purple Tears

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Daily Mail- A model from Canada has lost the sight in her right eye after an eye tattoo procedure went horribly wrong. Catt Gallinger from Ottawa is recovering slowly but steadily over the past month following her decision to get a sclera tattoo, which colors in the whites of the eye.  Calling the decision a ‘massive mistake,’ Gallinger shared the horrifying results of the procedure on social media, according to The Sun. The images, posted to her Facebook wall, shows the 24-year-old former pet nutritionist in various stages of recovery following a visit to the hospital last month when she complained of purple discharge oozing from her eye.  Medical professionals administered antibiotics drops to the affected area and sent Gallinger home.  But shortly after receiving the treatment, her eye became swollen shut.  Doctors then gave Gallinger steroid drops to alleviate her symptoms, but after three weeks the purple tattoo began to congeal around her cornea, blurring her vision and causing intense discomfort.  Gallinger told The Sun newspaper that she has had to spend hundreds of dollars on prescriptions so far and says that her modeling career is on hold for the time being.


I don’t wanna call myself a hero for being able to write this blog but I kinda am. Because there are streams of tears running down my face as I type these words. We’re talking tidal waves flowing down my cheeks. Not because I think this is a sad story or anything. I actually don’t give a shit about this chick because how stupid do you have to be to get a tattoo ON YOUR EYEBALL. Dying the whites off your eyes is a bad idea from the jump. I just happen to have the most sensitive eyes in the whole world. I am an absolute pussy when it comes to anything regarding my eyes. And it’s not even just my eyes. I can’t watch someone put in contacts without having my eyes  well up with tears. I can’t even watch people put in eye drops. I like to think I could withstand some forms of trout but as soon as they moved onto my eyes, I’d give them my mother’s social security number in a heart beat. It’s my weakness.

Back to this chick though. She’s a model. Or trying to be a model. I’m guessing she was trying to make a splash in the modeling world and wanted to be the chick who has the whites of her eyes dyed. I get it. Still a HORRIBLE idea. Get botox needles shoved in your face. Get a nose lift. Get Kylie Jenner lip surgery. Feel free to disfigure your original face like you’re Mr. Potato Head. Just don’t fuck with the eyes. You either have great eyes or you don’t. Aubrey Plaza wakes up everyday having awesome eyes. You can’t teach that and you certainly can’t dye your eyes to be awesome. Find a different way.