Michelle Jenneke Is Teaming Up With World Star Hip Hop For Some Kind Of Music Video Or Something? Why Not Us Michelle? Why Not Us?




How about Michelle Jenneke teaming up with world star hip hop huh? Interesting play. Can’t tell if I’m happy that we will now get more Michelle Jenneke or mad because it’s World Star Hip Hop. We’re here too Michelle. We can make videos, we can be professional, we can zoom cameras, sometimes.







Kind of offended if we’re being honest with each other. Is it because we’re all fat and gross and would probably try to stick our fingers up your butt? Because we can work on all of that (not actually but we can say we can work on it). Just an odd choice. Barstool Australia has been waiting to happen and you were the one to do it. But as the old saying goes, once you go World Star Hip Hop you never go back, or something.