Can I Interest You In A Trailer For Blue Planet II With The Music Of Radiohead And Hans Zimmer Playing In The Background?

I figured everyone could use a video like this as a way to run out the clock on their Hump Day. Actually do people still say Hump Day? I feel like that probably died about 3 years ago once those stupid ass camel commercials really started pissing off people. I’m not sure if that’s the case because I speak to exactly 0 people when I work from home and the only new phrases I learn are through Barstool Sports. But regardless, I decided to hit “send it” to this blog in order to help out the working class that make this country great make it to Saturday, which is for the boys. It doesn’t matter if you are burned out in your cube job or are simply tired of a coworker continually pissing in your kitchen sink.

I always think the same thing whenever I watch one of these nature videos: How the fuck do they have all those cameras and can capture one in a million shots? And this one is no different. The ocean is sooooo fucking massive, how do you capture the amount of “once in a lifetime” shots that they do? I mean I guess there’s a chance this narrator just makes it up because his voice is smoother than velvet and I’m not going to be able to prove that seeing humpback whales do bubble rings is rare. The bottom line is that shows and videos like this are the perfect thing to turn your brain off and stare at when you need a minute. No talk about protests or Trump or dying in an upcoming nuclear war. Just water, animals, and maybe a little bit of passive aggressive human shaming for how we are ruining the entire planet.

Also I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if I should have tagged this blog NSFW because of this scene.


Is that otter porn or is that just a mother otter and her son floating in a stream? Trick question. It’s mother/son otter incest porn.

You happy now Game of Thrones? Now you are changing the mating habits of the animal kingdom.

Obligatory Radio Head appearance on South Park pouring a dump truck of salt into Scott Tenorman’s wound.

And no offense to Hans Zimmer, who is a great composer in his own right. But he ain’t shit compared to the GOAT John Williams. The Casa de Clem is Team Williams for liiiiiiiiife.