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Trump Suggests Facebook Colluded With Fake News Media To Be Anti-Trump

Trump is very clever in a sense and that sense is that he takes hot-button keywords that people are using against him and turns them on his enemies. He turns them on the groups of which people are inherently skeptical (mainstream media, Facebook). People LOVE to hate the mainstream media and Facebook. Can’t get enough of it. They’re to the electorate what Nickelback is to lazy twitter takes. Hate hate hate. Not one person has ever said, “I love Zuckerberg he’s the best.”

The biggest annoyance to the Trump administration has been the Russia investigation. It’s plagued everything. It’s been the underlining theme of distraction. From firings to hearings to interviews to relentless news stories. The go-to keyword from the whole saga is “collusion” — the narrative that the Trump team “colluded” with Russia to get Trump elected.

So Trump takes that word, turns it on the media and Facebook’s sketchy ass, and fires from the hip. Does he give a fuck how precisely accurate it is? Does he care how actually applicable the word “collusion” is in this case? Does he care if he even knows what collusion means? Of course not. He cares about steering the narrative/news cycle in a certain direction and dragging it in that direction with the very word people are using against him.

You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to think it’s “right.” But it’s a tactic Donnie’s been using forever and it has proven to be STUNNINGLY effective.

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