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Late Night Fight Outside Of Pat's Cheesesteaks Features An All-Time Sass To The Face

Talk to the hand, betch! They say nothing good happens after 3 am. Pat’s and Geno’s being open 24/7 are no exceptions to that rule. Even if things don’t get violent on the outside they definitely will on your insides sooner than later after downing pounds of delicious meat and liquid cheese. But you know it’s bad when Lil’ Rufio on his Lost Boy’s bike comes out looking like the best in any situation. He handles that man with equally as much class as sass. The lady could’ve simply walked away and the Ogre is only frustrated because the local VFW is closed from 2-7am. Still zero excuse for being a dick to women and haymakering littler people on bikes. Everyone needs to just relax, get along, and wait for their meat. It’s a short life. Enjoy it. Wiz Wit me or death, because the latter isn’t that far off on the cheesesteak diet, anyways.

Everyone is lucky this didn’t turn into a full on South Philly fight that features the likes of bare feet, baseball bats, and textbook chokeouts here. At least the victor calls the cops and awaits his manslaughter charge like a man. Good guy Goliath.

h/t Shane