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Sean Hannity Vapes Like A Goddamn Champion During Broadcast

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.16.44 AM

Man, just when I thought the vape craze was over, Sean Hannity goes and brings it back. What a drag, man. And I’m not talkin 70s slang, folks. I’m talkin that was a big ole puff on that bad boy. You gotta think the local owners of Vape Train, Vape Mountain, and Vape 4 Lyfe are thrilled with this development. They are gonna be rich off the juice. I wonder what flavor it was? Probably just old-fashioned tobacco. That old dog! Doesn’t have time for that ninny shit like watermelon or passion fruit. Sissies love passion fruit. (I personally love it)

Not only did he kill that vape, but he crushed drinking his water too. The mouth kinda open, pour that shit down the gullet, and continue to give the fucking News type of water bottle drinkin method is my favorite. I’ll take a vape and a pour over Lawrence’s meltdown last week. Why? Because Hannity was always in control. Always. Kings stay kings.