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Baker Mayfield Rejected The Hell Out of a Thirsty Mia Khalifa On Twitter And Then Blocked Her. Continues To Be a Boss.

Mia Khalifa is the absolute worst. The short-lived porn star now lurks on Twitter, trying to fuck every kind of athlete she can find so she can try and grasp any attention possible. Now that Baker Mayfield has lit the college football world on fire, she decided it was time to go after the star quarterback.

BLOCKED. Swatted into the goddamn 10th row baby. Mia Khalifia outed Chad Kelly for sliding in her DMs. She offered up her boobs to Ronnie 2k to give John Wall a higher rating in NBA 2K 18. She was recently spotted in the same apartment as Deshaun Watson. And now she’s tryna fuck Baker Mayfield who clearly has a girlfriend, Morgan Mayberry, he cares and loves for. Fuck outta here.

That girl is perfect, Baker is certainly not ruining that for someone who solely seeks attention and blowing up athletes spots. So Mia Khalifia go run off. Go chase some quarterback on Mizzou or Florida I don’t care. Don’t came after Baker Mayfield. He’s a national treasure right now. You’re not even close to the level he’s on. Run away little girl.