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I've Never Seen A Professional Wrestling Match As Bad As This One...Ever

Alright, so I’m gonna be honest. I watch too much wrestling. Waaaay too much. I have like no social life whatsoever because I’m cripplingly addicted to the graps. You can write a One Fish Two Fish style book about all of the wrestling I watch; bad, good, indie, mainstream, American, Japanese, new, old, serious, comedy, I don’t give a fuck. If there are organisms inside a squared circle, I’m there for it. Never in all of my years have I seen a match as bad as this one, though. I have so many questions.

What in the shit was that? What did I just watch? What went down there? Living Dead Girl have superpowers or some shit? Is she literally a cartoon character? Why was she able to evade Christy Lynn like that? Why is she so skinny? Could she not take a bump because of how skinny she is? Who is Clone’s Clone? Why did he interfere? Or maybe she? What is Living Dead Girl’s finisher? Is it just slowly lower her opponent’s altitude for a pinfall? What the fuck? What happened?


I’m not sure two human beings have ever had less chemistry than Living Dead Girl and Christy Lynn, and I’m also not sure anyone has ever been as bad at something as these two are at the graps. I’m a big “Why not?” guy, but somewhere down the line, start asking why you’re doing this, girls. It’s not gonna pay off. This is not a money making finishing maneuver:

Somebody slide into my DMs with the continuation of this storyline though, I need to see the payoff. Money’s on Clone’s Clone pulling some kinda double turn shit and aligning himself with Christy Lynn.

P.S. Love Referee Jorts. He’s my favorite referee.

h/t this video for bringing this match to Matt’s attention who brought it to my attention