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Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Kidnapped And Beat Up Two Of His Employees That He Thought Stole From Him, Turns Out, Whoops! Big Mix Up




(Source) Floyd Mayweather allegedly orchestrated a savage attack on two of his employees he suspected of stealing his jewelry … TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Sports … the two men had been hired to work on Floyd’s Vegas homes … but when jewelry went missing, Floyd pointed the finger at them.  We’re told the men claim they were contacted several weeks ago and instructed to meet Floyd at an off-site location.  When the men arrived, they claim Floyd was waiting for them — along with a number of his “people” —  who proceeded to beat the living crap out of them with various weapons, including clubs. 

Our sources say the attack was so brutal the men could have easily died.  Both men had broken arms and legs and were hospitalized for several days. One source put it this way, “It was some ‘Breaking Bad’ s**t.” We’re told the men are adamant they never took anything from Floyd and it appears Floyd realizes that now.  But here’s the problem for the ex-champ — sources familiar with the situation say the attack amounts to attempted murder, mayhem and kidnapping.  We’re told the men have retained a lawyer.  We reached out to Floyd’s people for comment — so far, no word back.

Oh whoops! My bad there guys, didn’t mean to kidnap you and beat you to within an inch of your life because I misplaced one of my 10,000 gold watches in the couch cushion. Sorry about that. Classic mixup, can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost murdered someone because my earrings went missing.
2 things that struck me from this story though.
1. Why would anyone ever agree to meet Floyd Mayweather at an offsite location without a clear understanding of what’s going down. Like I don’t want to go as far as to say these guys deserved it but holy shit, that’s poor judgement right there. If Floyd Mayweather tells you to meet him in the middle of the desert just don’t go. Simple as that. Do not go.
2. Hypothetically speaking, how much money would be worth what these guys just went through. Because make no mistake, these guys are about to get PAID. Basically have a blank check now from Floyd Mayweather. So let’s say a broken arm, a broken leg, a concussion and a punctured lung. What’s your price? 500k cash? Think that’s fair. I’d take the DL for 6-12 months for half a million. So maybe disregard point 1, maybe these guys are sneaky brilliant. It’s like an agressive 401k plan. Work for Floyd Mayweather, get beat within an inch of your life, get paid enormous amounts of hush money, retire.