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Louisville and Kentucky Play A Game At Midnight In Front Of A Packed House. Club Hockey Is The Best.

So when you think of two club hockey teams in the middle of Kentucky playing a game at midnight you probably think the crowd looks something like the beer league crowd on Tuesday nights down at your local rink. A girlfriend or two, a couple of your buddies, basically no one, right?
Scrolling through Twitter this weekend around midnight and I see the University of Louisville men’s hockey team’s Twitter account basically tweeting play-by-play of a game they were playing against Kentucky. Then they started tweeting pictures of the game thats being played and what the fuck do ya know, they are playing in packed barn.
This is awesome. Everything about this is awesome. First off, do people from Kentucky know hockey isn’t suppose to be played at midnight? Even in beer leagues that’s too late. And if by some chance you play in one of those leagues that does, you know that’s the game everyone is skipping. Second, I really didn’t even know hockey was a thing in Kentucky? I know club hockey is big in the south (shout out the acha) but to pack an entire rink at midnight on a Friday and Saturday night during the football season is absurd and deserves some recognition.
Can someone explain to me why these schools aren’t pushing for their teams to play at the D1 level? ASU did it. Penn State did it. Ohio State did it. The NHL wants to grow the game? Start pushing for big schools like these with a love for hockey to play at the D1 level.