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Jets Win Like A Bunch Of Assholes

The goddam Miami Dolphins. Year in and year out, always a problem for the Jets. Doesnt matter whether you’re trying to beat them or trying to lose to them. The Dolphins always find a way to be a fucking pain in the ass for the Jets. Thanks for nothing, Jay Cutler.

I’m gonna need Josh McCown to fucking RELAX if we’re gonna tank this thing properly. At 1-2 this team is WAY ahead of schedule in the win column and thats a goddam problem. One extra meaningless win can be the difference between Marcus Mariota the continued, never ending revolving door of trash QBs. Theres this growing faction of idiotic and pathetic Jets fans who dont think tanking is a good idea. Who actually want to win a few games. And I honestly cant even wrap my brain around that sort of stupidity. I know I bash the Jets just as much when they lose, but thats more making fun of their ineptitude and my coping mechanism for watching this team year in and year out, week in and week out. If you have a brain and you’re talking about what is best for the New York Jets, its lose enough games to get the best pick possible. I cant believe that there’s anybody out there who thinks otherwise.


Goddamn Jets. Lose every game for like 50 years straight and NOW they decide to win. Cant even tank right. Buy a shirt that you can wear forever:


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