Let's Manhunt This Plane



Tomnod has launched a crowd sourcing effort, in searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The Boeing 777-200 has now been missing over 72 hours without a trace. Using satellite images captured Sunday morning, searchers can tag anything they see that’s relevant to the search, including oil slicks, rafts and wreckage.



A wise prophet once told me “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions”. Well that’s what we have here. Where is this plane? Did this plane vanish? Did it explode mid air? Is it terrorism? Who the fuck knows. All I know is that there is a plane missing in the middle of the ocean and we’re about to find it.


Now I know what you’re thinking. Hey Big Cat, we live in America, how can we find a plane in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Well, as luck would have it, we live in 2014, a time where satellites track our every single move. So there is now this website called Tomnod that has satellite images of the entire ocean and if you see something you can “tag” it. If a large number of people tag a certain item then they’ll go find it and boom problem solved. So yeah, we’re plane hunting today.



Here’s what we’re looking for





And so far it’s not going great. Turns out the Ocean is really fucking big. Like really big. Who knew?





So yeah, if you want to help out, let’s find this plane. I’m sure Stoolies will be the one’s to crack the case then the internet will give us no credit but whatever, we’re not in it for accolades, we planehunt for the love of the game.






This may sound naive but why don’t they just rewind the tape? Like I’m under the impression there are satellites videotaping us at all times now. Every single thing everyone does. So wouldn’t it make sense to just go to the tape and rewind it to that time the enormous plane vanished? Or is that too simple. Has anyone thought of this yet?