Kid Finds A Wallet Stuffed With $1,500 And Returns It Like An IDIOT

Sooooooooooo dumb. So dumb for a few reason. The main reason being that if you find a wallet with $1,500 in it, that’s most likely a person who doesn’t need that money returned to them. A per OR a person walking around with $1,500 in it is likely up to some shady business and they don’t deserve to get the money back. I also hate how news stations cover a story like this. Cause I know for a fact that once they went to commercial break they were saying exactly what I am saying in this blog. They’re calling the kid an idiot. They’re saying there’s NO WAY they would’ve returned that money. It’s so fake. All of the, “What a good kid. What a hero. Good on him for doing the right thing” is utter bullshit and they know it. Even the kid has to be pissed after he only got a measly $150 outta the deal. He was for sure hoping they’d give him at least a grand for his good deed. Nope. The lesson here is just take the money. No one will know. The guy shouldn’t have dropped it, he was probably going to buy drugs or a hooker or both anyway and the kid can use that money for college or something. Just take it.