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The Goddamn Jets - Week 2 - The Next Generation Of Losers

A new weekly installment that will be coming out every Monday following what will inevitably be 16 straight losses from the New York Jets. Last week we tackled how the Jets cant even tank correctly. This week I introduced Keegan to Jets life, and so we are discussing how the son pays for the sins of his father. How the next generation of loser fans are born. Jets fans can relate…Jets Haters enjoy pointing and laughing…its really a series of videos that pleases everybody.

Every episode of The Goddamn Jets is posted over on the Barstool Sports facebook page. All of those videos, and all of the viral videos I’ve been doing every day, are organized under one playlist called “KFC Rants.” I know we’ve been a Twitter company and a Twitter fan base for some time now but ignoring Facebook for the last decade probably wasnt a wise decision. We’re partnering with them for college football and they’re probably going to buy a goddam TV channel soon enough and in general are about to swallow the whole internet so I thinkkkkkkk it might be time to take Zuckerberg up on this little pet project of his. All the videos will also be posted to @BarstoolSports on twitter and there will be 60 second versions uploaded to @KFCradio on Insta so for all the people out there not on fb, you can still watch these videos on the other platforms. But the daily videos are being created originally for facebook so you can find all of them organized there.