The Cleveland Indians Win Streak May Kill Gambling Dave

Royals Get Out Of A 1 out Bases Loaded Jam In Bottom of 8th To Keep 2-1 Lead

Indians Get A 2 Out 2 Strike Double in Bottom of 9th That Probably Should Have Been Caught To Tie The Game

Indians Win In the 10th

So for those paying attention at home Gambling Dave decided that when the Indians win streak hit 17-0 it was time for Gambling Dave to bet against the Indians every single night until they lost.  They were at least double money every single night and sometimes quadruple money.  For all you non gamblers out there that means you bet 10 bucks on the Indians and you’d win 20 if they were double and you’d win 40 if they were quadruple.  It’s insane odds for a baseball game where even the best team loses 1 out of 3 to bad teams.  Mix in the fact the Indians were due to lose and it just seemed like science and pure mathematics to start betting against them.    Well 6 games into my strategy and the Tribe still hasn’t lost.   (And keep in mind I ain’t betting no 10 bucks a game like a poor person)   I’m getting absolutely slaughtered and am starting to think the Indians may never lose again.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m so deep into this strategy I feel like I can’t quit now.  But at the same time if I don’t quit I may go broke.  It’s a tough situation and I don’t see any way out of it.   All I know is every night now feels like Game 7 of the World Series.  I just want my fucking life back.  So if there are any gods above please let the fucking Royals win tonight.  Thank you.  That is all.