Trump Ripped Into Hillary Clinton Again Last Night

Damn near a year after the election that wouldn’t end ended and we’ve still got Trump V Hillary on the national political stage. Incredible. Hillary’s everywhere promoting her book. Trump’s on twitter still firing off “Crooked Hillary” tweets. It’s almost like nothing’s changed except everything’s changed because instead of looking down on everybody in her Hillary Clinton way, she’s now grasping up for anything and everything to blame her loss on.

It’s a peculiar experience reading Hillary’s book. I’m about 300 pages in and it’s just very bizarre. Throughout the whole thing, she’s this massive favorite who does everything the “traditional” and “right” way. She says the traditionally “correct” things, takes the correct opportunities, prepares the correct responses. She leads in the polls she needs to lead in and does nothing out of the ordinary to squander those leads (sure she made the “deplorables” comment, but that wasn’t a campaign-dooming incident; she still led healthily after).

Yet the whole time you’re reading it, you know she lost. Instead of assuming the role of the most powerful leader on earth, she was politically swept away LITERALLY overnight.

She clearly struggled accepting that and still does. She says she won’t run again. The experts believe she won’t run again. But why? Why the hell else would she be making the rounds again, when she admittedly doesn’t like the media? Just to sell a few books? Maybe, but I’m not convinced. There’s absolutely an aspect to this whole “What Happened” thing that’s meant to take the national political landscape’s temperature. If the Clintons find a reason to believe she can win in 2020, she’ll run (after all, if she’d won last year, she’d be running again in 2020 anyway; and in her mind, based on how many times she references the popular vote in her book, she did win).

I don’t think her little tour is being very well-received. But if it were, she’d one billion percent be running again.

PS — Promo game strong tho.