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Has Anyone Openly Hated A Person More Than Brian Urlacher Hates Phil Emery?




(Source) A year after the Bears parted ways with veteran linebacker Brian Urlacher, the team announced its decision on Thursday to release return specialist Devin Hester. Hester’s decorated eight-year career includes some of the most memorable moments in Bears’ history. The franchise, however, deemed Hester expendable, which caught Urlacher off guard. “I was really surprised to hear the news,” Urlacher told in a telephone interview. “You think of Devin returning all those punts and kicks as a Bear. He’s going to break the record on another team, probably. It’s crazy to think he won’t be in a Bears uniform doing that. It’s frustrating as an ex-Bear and a player to see that happen.” Although Hester will turn 32 next season, he’s coming off a year in which he ran for a career-high 1,442 kickoff return yards. Hester continues to be a productive player, but Chicago never wanted to make him an offer.

“Look at what the Steelers have done the last couple days signing Troy Polamalu, Heath Miller, some older guys to a couple more years just so they can retire as Steelers,” Urlacher said. “The Bears could do that with Devin. He should retire a Bear. He set all those records in a Bears uniform, and his No. 23 should be retired one day in Chicago. “It’s just the loyalty factor. It’s just not there. He should be a guy that retires as a Bear.” Urlacher, who now analyzes the NFL for FOX Sports 1’s weekly show “FOX Football Daily,” also noted that a reunion between Hester and Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith would seem to be appropriate. “That’d be a great move for him,” Urlacher said. “He had great success from when Lovie was with Chicago. All those returns were when he was his head coach. Anyone leaving Chicago and joining Lovie is a great move. He’s a great head coach, and guys know what it’s like playing for him. He has been successful in the league, and he’ll be successful down there, as well. “I think Tampa would be a great fit for Devin.”
Look, Brian Urlacher’s name will always be held in high regard in this town, that will never change, but jesus christ does he sound like a whiny ex-girlfriend every single time the Bears cut or release a former friend of his. He’s like your buddy who falls in love with a stripper who was nice to him at a strip club. Did you not know the NFL is a business Brian? Did you think Phil Emery was friends with Devin Hester? Did you think they were pals? Do you not get how winning in this league works?  Of course everyone wanted to see Devin Hester retire a Bear but you know why he can’t? 29.9 points a game. 3 Defensive starters currently on the roster I have any amount of trust in, one of which is a journeyman 32 year old defensive tackle. The fact that the NFL is basically trying to eliminate kick returns from the game of football and that is the one thing Devin Hester brings to the table. The fact that this team is no longer built in the Lovie Smith field position, all defense, no offense mold. You get all of that right? Because those things are real life. Saying you think Phil disrespected Devin and that they should have brought him back is foolish. Anyone with a half of a brain sees it. We all love Devin Hester but there just isn’t a spot for him, plain and simple.

And yes Brian, you say that there is no “loyalty”. Well you know what? Show me a GM or front office that has “loyalty” and I’ll show you a team that doesn’t win a lot of games. Loyalty is the very last thing I want when my team is trying to make smart financial/personnel decisions. Loyalty makes you sign guys that are past their prime and too expensive. Loyalty in the NFL puts you on the fast train to nowheresville. No thanks.