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Breaking News - If Johnny Manziel Turns Out To Be A Superstar In The NFL And The Texans Don't Draft Him, They Will Probably Regret It




Now I’m no expert here, far from it, but I think what Darren Rovell is saying is that if Johnny Manziel goes on to become an unbelievable NFL quarterback and the Texans don’t draft him that the Texans will most likely regret that decision. Like for instance if he wins a super bowl WITHOUT the Texans, that could potentially be bad. It’s a real strong take but I think that’s what he’s saying. Sort of like Portland. Does Portland regret taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan? I actually don’t know, like I said I’m not an expert, I’m asking you. Just a real tough topic here. Don’t know which side I lean. Good thing I have friends.