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I Kinda Love Tony Romo Repeatedly Tipping Off Plays Before They Happened For The Viewers At Home

I actually kind of love this from Romo. I wouldn’t want it for every play that I’m watching because that’d be overkill, but him circling guys pre-snap and showing the viewer at home what to watch for is very interesting and definitely adds to the experience. Lots of former NFL players make a smooth transition to the booth, but they try not to sound too “know it all”. I think this is a good bit for Romo, because I feel eventually he’ll become better at explaining what he sees rather than just saying “I spent 14 years in the NFL”.

If Romo can find a balance between explaining playcalls and keeping the broadcast light an entertaining, I think he has a bright future in broadcasting. If it gets too nerdy, or too football-elitist, than it won’t work. But I really enjoyed him calling out plays, pointing out different blitz packages, and engaging with the audience in a new, interesting way. Definitely would like to see more of this out of him.

PS: Phil Simms gotta be shivering and rocking back and forth in a dark corner somewhere right now.